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Looking for a way to help us raise funds to buy Bibles?

Consider the suggestions below or send us a message with your own fundraising ideas.

Gather your family and friends

Ask some of your friends and family to sponsor a Bible at R100. Then, print off a sheet of bookmarks onto cardboard and get them to write a message on a bookmark to the recipient of the Bible they are sponsoring.

EFT us the money so we can buy the Bibles and arrange to deliver the bookmarks to us by emailing info@biblesbeyondborders.co.za. We would love to meet you!

Help us organise a fundraiser

Send an email to info@biblesbeyondborders.co.za to check what’s next and how you can get involved.

Own a Business or lead a team? 

Your company can get involved by donating towards bibles and have your logo placed on our website. 

Thank you to those companies who have generously donated towards Bibles